Plant morphology
It grows like a sativa with slim, narrow leaves, not too dark, long and quite thin stems for the size of their flowers. It has a lot of side branching with a short internodal distance which improves production. Growers must be careful when it comes to controlling its growth, because this plant tends to stretch a lot. However, indoors this will not be a serious problem, since its thin leaves let the light bathe all corners of the plant, allowing it to grow in perfect conditions.

Growth characteristics
This strain is more resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions, as it can grow healthy and strong even in those places where temperature or humidity are more extreme.
Furthermore, it has been reinforced to obtain greater resistance against mold and pests.

Main Aromas and flavours
This variety is one of those whose taste corresponds perfectly with the sweet smell it produces.
As soon as it reaches the palate, discover that  you are dealing with something very fruity, mellow and, of course, persistent.
Little by little, discover the notes of lemon, pine and spices.

THC: 7% – 9%



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