THC: 0,48% – CBD:12%

Amnesia CBD X Amnesia CBD



Plant morphology
A Sativa-dominant marijuana plant that is still big and has an open structure.
Air and light flow comfortably reaching every inch of her body and reducing any moisture-related issues that could arise and harm the health of cannabis buds.

Growth characteristics
This cannabis plant is a heavy producer not only of buds but of resin as well.
Although it’s true the size of her buds is a bit lower than the ones of the original strain, this CBD flowers are indeed big and highly compact.
When it comes to the resin, trichome-lovers shouldn’t miss it; a plant that, during the last days of the flowering, is almost impossible to touch without staining the hands.

Main Aromas and flavours

This genetic showcases very strong tastes and scents. As soon as the flowering kicks off, Haze starts taking over the entire surrounding area. Haze-lovers will see their expectations met by far with this strain and with her amazing Haze scent overflowing with brand-new hints of citrus.

THC: 0,48% – CBD:12%

Amnesia CBD X Amnesia CBD


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