THC: 25.85% – 0.18%

(Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x Unknown Strain


Plant morphology
With little ramification, solid and compact structure, with a minimum distance between nodes and  rather wide leaves. Some specimens can acquire beautiful dark colorations at the end of flowering, inherited from its grandmother Gran Daddy Purple.

Growth characteristics
During the stretch period at transition to flowering, this strain usually doubles its size and, being vigorous and greedy, plants will benefit from generous doses of nutrients.

Fairly easy to grow, it responds well to different cannabis cultivation optimization techniques such as LST or SCROG, offering heavy harvests after 8 weeks flowering.

Once dried and cured, the flowers combine attractive colors ranging from light green to pink – purple, contrasting nicely with the whiteness of the thick resin layer that coats them

Main Aromas and flavours
The aroma is tangy, combining fruity notes ranging from grapefruit to lime on a sweeter background reminiscent of red fruits.

THC: 25.85% – 0.18%

(Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x Unknown Strain


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