THC: 29,24% -CBD: 0,56%

Zkittlez x Gelato


Plant morphology

It’s a new polyhybrid, with an Indica dominant structure displaying round compact flowers. With a flowering period of 60-65 days, it produces a considerable amount of resinous flowers.

Growth characteristics

Its well ramified structure might require the use of specific growing techniques such as SCROG or SOG in order to maximize final yield.

Main Aromas and flavours

It offers a terpenes profile composed of exotic fruit with pineapple, grape and peach notes on a creamy and slightly OG Kush background.

Main effect
It produces an uplifting and euphoric effect, promoting good mood and physical relaxation.

THC: 29,24% -CBD: 0,56%

Zkittlez x Gelato


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