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Tailored Cannabis Research: Crafting health-focused cannabis strains for Asia.

Custom Strains for Pharma: Tailoring strains for medical use.

Agricultural Consulting: Boosting production efficiency.

Climate-Adapted Genetics Research: Developing climate-resilient strains.

Testing Service: Quick, accurate cannabis testing.


Sovereign Thailand, drawing on Sovereign Genetics’ pioneering spirit since 2005, navigates the evolving medical cannabis market with deep-rooted expertise. In a landscape shaped by diverse regulations and emerging opportunities, we stand as a beacon of innovation and knowledge. Our years of research and a rich collection of stable strains empower us to offer unparalleled advice and solutions in cannabis genetics and cultivation. With a focus on Asia, we’re dedicated to advancing the industry, providing consulting services and tailored genetics to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Sovereign Thailand specializes in regional consulting services, supporting companies within Asia in the reproduction and multiplication of cannabis genetics. Whether through the creation of stable feminized seeds or selected strain collections, our approach is grounded in science, focusing on the selection of strains based on terpene and cannabinoid profiles. This ensures the development of specific strains that are ideally suited for various purposes within the region.

For needs extending beyond our regional focus, we collaborate closely with Sovereign Genetics and Sovereign Fields to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that every company tackling challenges in cannabis production or development finds a reliable partner in us. Our commitment to innovation, backed by a scientific approach, makes us a trusted ally in the Asian cannabis industry.

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