Asia Cannabis Hub – A Sovereign Thailand Initiative


Welcome to the Asia Cannabis Hub, a pioneering platform by Sovereign Thailand designed to foster innovation, education, and collaboration within the cannabis industry. Our mission is to empower professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts through comprehensive resources, creating a sustainable and thriving cannabis ecosystem in Asia.

About Us

>Launched in 2023, the Asia Cannabis Hub aims to unite the cannabis community by providing a dynamic space for research, learning, and collaboration. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting the industry’s growth through innovative projects and partnerships.

Membership Information

Join our community of forward-thinkers and change-makers. Whether you’re an individual, a business, an academic institution, or a research organization, we offer various membership levels tailored to your needs. Enjoy exclusive access to our events, educational programs, and collaborative projects.

Services and Activities

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide our members with a wealth of opportunities for engagement and development. From cutting-edge research initiatives to professional training sessions and networking events, discover the myriad ways to get involved and make an impact.

Educational Programs

Elevate your knowledge and skills with our diverse range of educational offerings. In partnership with leading institutions, we provide courses, workshops, and seminars designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the cannabis field.

Innovation and Projects

Innovation is at the core of the Asia Cannabis Hub. We champion research and development projects that aim to solve industry challenges and advance the cannabis sector. Explore our current initiatives and learn how you can contribute.

Current Members

Our strength lies in our community. Meet the pioneering organizations and individuals that are already part of the Asia Cannabis Hub. Their diverse expertise and commitment are fueling the growth and success of our collective mission.

Contact and Join Us

Ready to be part of something groundbreaking? Whether you’re seeking more information or ready to join the Asia Cannabis Hub, we’re here to welcome you. Contact us today and start your journey with a community that’s shaping the future of the cannabis industry in Asia.