Main Partner


Operator of a cannabis processing company intended for growers and distributors. The company offers the use of biotechnology in research, pharmaceutical operations and supply chain management, thereby accelerating the evolution of the industry and bringing patients improved access to quality cannabis-derived products

Genetic Partner


Sovereign Fields is advancing the creation of stable, high quality, lawfully compliant cannabis genetics via science-based research and development. With over 20 years of industry experience, Sovereign Fields embraces environmentally conscious business practices focused on organic, regenerative and sustainable farming techniques.



Zoë Therapeutics has demonstrated a deep commitment to improving people’s quality of life through the therapeutic powers of hemp. By cultivating the finest CBD and CBG genetics, they have built a brand, and reputation, rooted in integrity and consistency. Their exceptional fast-paced production style allows for perpetual harvests yielding the highest quality hemp flower, seeds & starts in the country, year over year.



Khiron Khiron is a leading vertically integrated international medical cannabis company with core operations in Latin America and Europe. Leveraging wholly-owned medical health clinics and proprietary telemedicine platforms, Khiron combines a patient-oriented approach, physician education programs, scientific expertise, product innovation, and agricultural infrastructure to drive prescriptions and brand loyalty with patients worldwide. The Company has a sales presence in Colombia, Peru, Germany, UK, and Brazil and is positioned to commence sales in Mexico.



This company focuses its activity on the sector of plant biotechnology, specifically in the genetic improvement of plant species through traditional breeding, in vitro cell and tissue culture, and the use of advanced genomic tools. The company focuses his efforts on the development of plant varieties with specific biochemical profiles and enhanced levels of secondary metabolites.



Bhalutek Hemp S. L. is a Spanish company that has a cannabis cultivation authorization from the Aemps (Spanish Medicine and Sanitary Product Agency), with activity in the medical cannabis sector. The company focuses on the research and development of aspects related to the selection, genetic improvement of medicinal cannabis varieties, as well as scientific research in processes and machinery for the extraction and purification of its active ingredients with economic potential in different sectors.

Producers Partners


Medical Plants is an offspring of a solid company, Cualin Quality S.L., with an ample track record in high-end agricultural production. Our knowledge, built up over more than 25 years experience growing premium-quality tomatoes, is one of our top endorsements as producers of medical cannabis. Indeed, some of the most successful medical cannabis companies today have a background in tomato-growing.


GROVIDA (Portugal)

As a vertically integrated medical cannabis company, Grovida cultivates, process and manufactures medicines working closely with pharmaceutical customers, providing the best solutions for the many patients who can benefit from cannabinoid-based treatments.


Research Partner

BIOBIZZ (Holland)

Biobizz World Wide Organics is a company dedicated to the production and export of 100% certified organic nutrients and substrates, ensuring the highest quality in each and every one of its products, as well as the result that the grower obtains when using them. From 2021 this company has a research license for cannabis investigation in Spain.



Valenveras is a company located in Barcelona focused on the investigation and research in medicinal plant crops. The focus of Valenveras’ work is the research of tools to improve quality control in the different stages of medicinal plants. For the development of each research line, we support the development of NIR models (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) for the prediction of agrobiochemical parameters. This technology will allow the optimization of time requirements, overall costs and reliability, allowing to increase both the number of analyzed samples and the parameters shown in each analysis.




It is the main public university in the Basque Country, a Spanish region. It has more than 300 different educational programs that are currently attended by more than 35,000 students.




The Hemp Technological Pole is an entity, based in CETAEX (Agri-food Technological Center of Extremadura), where different companies related to the industrial hemp sector come together to carry out different R&D activities that recognize and value the cultivation of hemp in Spain. The Hemp Technological Pole contributes to the advancement of the sector by providing key solutions for the entire value chain.