THC: 23.27% – CBD: 0.86%

Skunk #1 * Unknown Indica



Plant morphology

Comprised of a Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani, this combination results in a fast-growing, high-yielding plant with a short flowering period, finishing extremely resinous and pungent.

Growth characteristics

Indoors, plants have rapid vegetative growth displaying large thin fan leaves with long spaces between inter-nodal sites allowing for good light penetration.
Footprints can be filled quite quickly as trellising is highly recommended to support very large terminal colas in later stages of development.
This genetic is nitrogen demanding backed by a generally high metabolism.
With just an eight-week finish it’s hard to deny this plant’s overall performance

Main Aromas and flavours

Fruity and floral overtones are matched by sharp gassy and peppery undertones transferring perfectly back to the taste. This high energy uplifting effect is great for day-time usage. It’s become well-renowned for appetite stimulation, relaxation and its very functional benefits.

THC: 23.27% – CBD: 0.86%

Skunk #1 * Unknown Indica



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